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This page has been created as a resource for anybody interested in learning more about mobile market research.

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We’d love to hear from you. If you have material, papers, services, software, please let us know and we’ll add it to the site – email us Note, the material on this page is largely uncurated, unlike the material on the Case Studies and Research-on-Research pages where we have usually reviewed the material and provided a summary.

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Statistics on Mobile reports on mobiles and mobile technology.

Collections are sites where there are multiple resources, for example collections of white papers, case studies, or webinars on mobile related topics.

  • Vision Critical University – VCU has a whole section on Mobile Research.
  • MESH Planning – A collection of papers, in particular on using citizen researchers to report on interactions with touchpoints from their phones.
  • Kinesis Survey Technologies Kinesis have several white papers on their site.
  • Lumi Mobile Lumi have several white papers on their site, you will need to register to download them.

Articles & White Papers White papers, articles papers, and posts that look at, discuss, or express a view about mobile market research.

Webinars and Videos recordings of webinars and other videos relating mobile market research.

Thought Leaders

Software & Platforms

  • Confirmit – Video outlining mobile research
  • CrowdLab – Bespoke market research apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Curious Analytics – Produces smartphone software to passively measure user behaviour.
  • Dub – Provides and hosts research communities and online qual studies with mobile compatibility.
  • Ethos – Qualitative – Providing systems that facilitate using citizens as researchers/collaborators.
  • Lumi Mobile – Quant, surveys and passive data collection.
  • Research Now – Qualitative, Quantitative, and Passive systems, and sample
  • Revelations – Qualitative – Providing systems that facilitate using citizens as researchers/collaborators.

Organisations organisations that focus on or encompass mobile market research.

Courses & Workshops organisations offering training in mobile market research.

mCAPI – Mobile CAPI material that looks specifically at mCAPI, the use of mobiles in CAPI.

Blogs blogs that cover mobile market research, either exclusively or largely.

  • Curious Analytics Blog, Curious Analytics are a provider of smartphone software to passively measure behaviour.

Mobile Shopping articles and material that focuses specifically on mobile shopping.

Books on the subject of mobile market research.