Monthly Archives: February 2014

The text of the book is nearly ready

We are at the start of February and this weekend we’ll send the text of the book to Jenny, our contact at Wiley. Then over the next two weeks there are a few bits and pieces to sort out, such as the referencing of the material (using the Harvard system), improving the charts and table (and providing them in separate files), and a few tweaks to the text.

At that point the real grind starts between now and when the book is published, in time (we hope) for the ESOMAR Congress in Nice in September. During that time Wiley will edit and typeset the material, we need to review it, book designs need to be discussed, everything has to be proofread, and we have to remember how to use those curious typesetting marks and words, such as “stet” for ignore my change.

Probably new photos all round, for the cover and for the publicity.